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In 2009 Michael started Inspired by Charm to stay connected with my friends in the blogosphere. IBC was a way to let folks know what was happening in my life and at my little inn. Over the years, as I’ve grown and changed, so has IBC. It’s been difficult to characterize just what type of blog IBC is. Is it a cooking blog? Is it a home design blog? Is it a DIY blog? Finally, I gave up trying to put it in some predetermined box. It’s bigger than that. IBC is about life. Beyond that, it’s about Life, Decorated. It’s about making life gorgeous and happy. It’s about looking past the trends and what’s pretty or popular. It’s about living the life of your dreams surrounded by what brings you joy. The things you love. The people and experiences that enrich your world. Through his posts, you will find recipes, home décor inspiration, DIY projects, crafts, party ideas, and much much more for a happier, more beautiful life.

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