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2021 Food Trends

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No one can predict what this year will hold, but you’ll at least know what to enjoy from the kitchen with our 2021 Food Trends. From elaborate snack boards to learning new skills and hobbies, this year is all about slowing down and savoring each meal.

Personal-Sized Charcuterie

We’re thinking small in 2021. When feeding a group, individual appetizers are a great way to make sure everyone maintains their distance and keeps their hands to themselves, all without fighting over the last piece of prosciutto – and don’t even get us started on double-dipping. Opt for individual snack boards for the family or put together these oh-so-adorable grab-and-go charcuterie cones for a small event.


With more time to pick up new tools and healthy habits, this old trend is making an epic comeback. We’re not talking plain celery juice. 2021 is about celebrating with bright, cheerful flavor combinations like ginger and grapefruit or orange and coconut. Combining fresh, seasonal fruits is a great way to add a little color to your morning.

Nut Butter Boards

Two of our favorite trends in one: nut butters of all kinds and glam snack boards. These high-protein snacks provide the same visual appeal as a decadent meat and cheese board but are a little more New Year’s resolution friendly.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

With fewer people making a morning commute, breakfast is finally getting the attention it deserves. From cinnamon waffles on weekdays to decadent weekend brunch boards filled with pancakes, scones, and fresh fruit, we’re starting the day off big! Plus, we love any excuse to slow down and savor an extra cup of coffee.


The mocktail trend started picking up steam in 2020 and it’s not slowing down. With most restaurants unable to provide alcoholic beverages to go, many are getting more innovative with their mocktail offerings, experimenting with new flavors and fresh ingredients. Make an activity out of it and whip something up at home that the whole family can enjoy during a game night together.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Anyone else tired of virtual happy hours? If you’re looking for a new way to connect with friends, virtual cooking classes are the perfect way to spice up your Friday night. Google searches for virtual cooking classes spiked almost overnight in early April of 2020. Since then, classes have grown to include demos from famous chefs, ingredients shipped to your door, and even delivered cocktail pairings! We’re getting in on the action too. Through Harry & David’s partnership with Alice’s Table, you can learn how to assemble Instagram-worthy charcuterie boards from home. Just don’t forget the wine!

Preserving and Canning

Bread baking was so 2020. With extra time on their hands, cooking enthusiasts are picking up more new skills like preserving, canning, and pickling. When trying out this trend, start small with a simple jam recipe before moving on to a larger undertaking like canning your own fruit.

At-Home Restaurant Experiences

As many restaurants remain closed for dine-in service, folks are looking to recreate the experience at home. Whether it’s your usual Friday date night or just not wanting to cook after work, it’s nice to have dinner ready on the table. With Harry & David Gourmet, you can grab everything from appetizers to dessert. Or, pick up something from your favorite local spot. Light some candles, set out your good china, and put on something nice. And don’t forget the tunes. Just because you’re hanging out at home doesn’t mean you can’t make a meal special!

In 2021 Food Trends we explore the recipes that will be a hit this year! From sunny orange mocktails to personal charcuterie boards, let’s start the year with something delicious.

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