All Aboard the Epicurean Express!
From the Orchards

All Aboard the Epicurean Express!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new Flagship store in Loveland, Colorado. This exciting new gourmet food store is located in The Promenade Shops at Centerra (5865 Sky Pond Drive, Suite G-168) across from Bent Fork Grill. It features an interior design honoring our heritage through the use of architectural elements such as lighting and a reclaimed wood wall made from the wood crates used to harvest our pear orchards.

Follow The Epicurean Express with Hashtag #LovelandDelight

The Epicurean Express is a special food truck where our own Chef Tim Keller plans to share all sorts of delicious treats. Follow along using the hashtag #LovelandDelight, or click here to see where the Epicurean Express ends up next.

Are you interested in a peek inside?

We have a full gallery of photos up on a special Pinterest board. Click here to see it.

On the Move … and on TV

Chef Tim appeared on 9NEWS (KUSA) to share some delightful Fall recipes to help celebrate the grand opening of our new Flagship store in Loveland, Colorado. Here is the full list of all the delicious items Chef Tim shared in the clip, along with a link to where you can buy it online. 

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