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Not sure what to get your guy for Valentine’s Day? You’ll definitely win bonus points when you show up with an armful of delicious chocolate, fruit, and salty snacks. We’ve compiled a list of our very favorite gifts for him this Valentine’s Day so you don’t miss a single chance to show him how much you care.

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Moose Munch Chocolate Bark

His favorite treats come together for this irresistible upgrade to standard Valentine’s Day chocolate. The combination of dark, milk, and white chocolate layered with our famous Moose Munch® Popcorn is a match as sweet as you two. Crunchy, salty, sweet, and caramelly; this treat will satisfy every flavor craving.

Valentine’s Day Chocolates and Cherry-Oh! Cherries

Even the health-conscious guy deserves a sweet treat now and then. Give him the best of both worlds with Cherry-Oh!® Cherries and a festive box of traditional Valentine’s Day chocolate hearts. This classic flavor combination is simply romantic.

Valentine’s Day Pretzel Box

This gift for him is perfectly packaged for Instagram-worthy moments and filled with a flirty, fun treat. These milk chocolate and yogurt-covered pretzels will give him the perfect salty-sweet snack long past February 14.

pretzel gifts for him

BBQ Sauce Assortment

Turn up the heat by gifting him an assortment of unique and flavorful grilling sauces. You’ll have a range of choices like Sriracha BBQ, Raspberry Chipotle grill sauce, and our favorite Oregon Trail Sauce.  Grab a few of his favorite flavors, and he’ll be thinking of you each time he fires up the grill.

bbq gifts for him

Sweet and Salty Gift Box

For the guy who loves a variety of tastes, this gift comes with six different snacks for a sampling of flavors. Whether he’s craving crunchy Moose Munch or buttery galettes, this snack box has it all. Ask nicely and maybe he’ll share!

snack gift for him

Chocolate Football

You’ll definitely score when you give him this gift. Over a pound of milk chocolate commemorates his favorite sport and makes a tasty treat to share.