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Happy mail is the best mail, and there’s no happier mail than a care package delivery! We can’t always be there with each other in person, and with a new school year and the holidays fast-approaching, there’s never been a better time to reach out and remind a friend or family member you’re thinking of them. A care package is an easy and fun way to stay connected! Here are our tips for sending the best kind of happy mail.

Tips for Sending the Perfect Care Package

Start with the Snacks

food care packageThe secret to the best care package? Including their favorite snacks, of course! Send them something to sweeten their day like Moose Munch, or a treat that can warm them up as the days get colder, such as coffee or tea. College students especially will love treats that will remind them of home or something that can be brought to share while studying with friends.

Or, Bake them Something Sweet

pear muffins for giftIf you live close by, a care package doesn’t have to be out of the question––it can still be a fun “thinking of you” surprise! Instead of sending them something sweet, you can bake them something homemade and drop it off with a note. Simple but comforting recipes like pear muffins or pear bread are tasty treats that can be shared with a whole family.

Include a Craft

coloring page If you’re sending a care package to Grandma and Grandpa, don’t forget to include something homemade! A DIY craft or coloring sheet from their grandkids would brighten their day even more than the surprise package. Plus this is a gift that can last, and remind them that your family is thinking of them from afar.

Don’t Forget the Handwritten Note!

handwritten card for care packageAll the surprises in the care package are fun to unpack, but what makes the gift meaningful is the note you send with it! If you don’t know what to write, try recounting your favorite memory or telling them why you appreciate them. This kind of personal touch is what makes the care package more than just a box of goodies!

If you can’t put a full package together but still want to send something special, sending an e-card with a personalized note is also a great option. The most important part of the surprise gift is the reminder that you’re thinking of them, even if you can’t be there in person!


Brooke Younker has been on Harry & David's Social Media team since 2019. Her dad started working at the company the week she was born, so she grew up touring the candy kitchen and enjoying all the Moose Munch she could eat. When she's not writing about Royal Riviera Pears, you can find her exploring new mountain trails, trying new Southern Oregon wineries, or hanging out at her local CrossFit gym.

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