Delight family and friends this Easter with personalized Easter baskets you know they’ll love. Our selection of Easter basket fillers presents a wide array of delicious sweets and festive treats, making it easy to create a gift filled with some of their classic favorites and add in fun surprises. Explore a variety of Easter basket stuffers and Easter basket ideas perfect for sharing with loved ones.


Gourmet Easter candy at Harry & DavidPick Four Candies

Agreeing on Easter candy can be stressful. Some people like sweet and some people like sour. Some people like fruity and some people like licorice. That is why the Pick Four Candies has all the bases covered, no matter what you like. These gourmet candies are both fun and fun to eat.



Mr. and Mrs. Ears the Milk Chocolate Easter Bunnies  Mr. and Mrs. Ears, chocolate Easter bunnies at Harry & David 2015

The best things come in pairs. Crafted in our Southern Oregon candy kitchen, these intricately decorated chocolate Easter bunnies are made with the same decadent and silky-smooth chocolate we use in our rich truffles. Playful and sweetly satisfying, this chocolate gift is the perfect Easter treat to share and to savor.

Ears the Chocolate Easter Bunny

This nine-inch bunny with huge, silly ears made of solid milk chocolate is called “Ears,” and he’s one of our favorite Easter traditions, made with our secret blend of premium chocolate.

  Gourmet Easter Chocolates Delivered from Harry & David


Chocolate Fruit Assortment

This gift holds a quartet of milk and dark chocolate fruit made in our own candy kitchen. There are dark chocolate cherries, milk chocolate cherries, milk chocolate blueberries, and milk chocolate apricots. Each glossy bite bursts with rich chocolate and refreshing dried fruit. It’s a gourmet gift and a way to savor summer’s fruit all year.


If you don’t have the time or just aren’t sure about picking out Easter basket stuffers or putting an Easter gift basket together yourself, we also have an impressive collection of premade Easter baskets that anyone would be delighted to receive.

Felt Pre Made Easter Baskets from Harry & DavidFelt Easter Basket

Complete with a peeping chick, this cheerful Easter gift is filled with playful treats, milk chocolate Moose Munch® Gourmet Popcorn, gummy Easter bunnies, and a long-eared chocolate bunny.

NEW Personalized Easter Gift Basket – Pink or Blue

With Easter just around the corner and flowers getting ready to bloom, an Easter basket is a wonderful way to welcome the season. These baskets can be personalized with a name and your choice of Personalized Easter Baskets delivered from Harry & Davidpink tulle or blue gingham liner. A plush gray bunny with a jade scarf adds elegant warmth to these baskets full of delectable chocolates, gummy treats, Moose Munch® Gourmet Popcorn, premium cookies, and candy corn.

Easter Gift Basket Classic

No Easter is complete without chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. So we’ve made an Easter basket full of it. A few of our favorites, like Moose Munch® Gourmet Popcorn and chocolate cherries, accompany some new Easter treats, such as Easter basket classes from Harry & David - 2015a chocolate bunny and chocolate eggs, delights you wouldn’t want an Easter basket to be without.

Grand Easter Gift Basket

Celebrate the Easter holiday with a chocolate- and fruit-filled Easter basket. Delivered in a dark wooden basket tied with an elegant yellow satin ribbon, this gift holds 12 delightful treats, from succulent, juicy pears and apples to sweet caramel robin eggs and apricot chocolates. Once emptied of the tasty treats within, this gift also makes a wonderful Easter egg basket.

Grant Easter Gift Basket, pre made and delivered from Harry & David

Whether you’re creating your own Easter gift baskets or giving prepared Harry & David ® baskets, enjoy a memorable Easter celebration with loved ones.









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