Flowering Pear Trees of Spring in Southern Oregon
From the Orchards

Flowering Pear Trees of Spring in Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon offers some of the most inviting weather all year long, but spring is a truly special time of year. Some of our most popular gift baskets and gourmet towers are filled with delicious fruit grown in our own Southern Oregon orchards, but before there is fruit, there is always a flower. As the pears blossom, flowers bloom in groves. Recently, we asked our expert photographers to capture the magical scene that occurs each spring and the beauty of our flowering pear trees. It could easily be argued that the photography is as beautiful as the fruit is delicious.
Peach Flower Blossoms | Harry & David

Rows and rows of Oregold® Peach trees in Southern Oregon.

Flowering Pear Trees | Images | Harry & David

Pear blossoms basking in the Southern Oregon sun.

Majestic Flowering Pear Trees | Orchard Images | Harry & David

A glimpse of our majestic pear orchards.

Flowering Pear Tree | Orchard Images | Harry & David

Pears thrive in the sunny days and cool nights of Southern Oregon.

Spring brings so much beauty to this part of the world. What is spring like where you live?

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