Christmas is about creating magical experiences for friends and loved ones. Beautifully wrapped presents, their contents a mystery, help create feelings of wonder and pleasant anticipation. Since we’re serious pros when it comes to impressive gifts, we thought we’d share some tips of the trade on how to gift wrap.




Consider a theme for the packaging. Is the recipient a young child, a dear friend or a romantic interest? You’ll want to select creative gift wrapping paper that matches in some way what’s in the present. For example, fancy jewelry should be in a sturdy velveteen box with elegant wrapping fabric and a hand tied bow. A child’s toy can be popped into a simple gift bag and embellished with a balloon.




Create a professional-looking bow. It is easier than it seems and with a little bit of practice you’ll be pleased with your handiwork. Here’s how it’s done. Start with a good quality ribbon. Wind ribbon around the gift box once or twice and tie a simple knot leaving two “tails” of ribbon that will become the bow. Make two loops and hold one in each hand with the tails facing away from you. Cross the left loop over the right and simply pull it though the hole formed by the crossover—just like tying a shoelace. Place your index fingers inside each loop and pull to create another knot. Gently tuck the edges of the knot under so it looks perfectly finished.




Think of ways to personalize the wrapped gift. In addition to writing the recipient’s name on a gift tag or label, add a photograph of family, a shared adventure or something that is a clue to what’s inside the gift. You can also attach a favorite candy or other treat the recipient likes. They’ll feel delighted before they even open the gift.




Jazz it up with a present topper. Just like it sounds, a present topper can be a present on a present or an extra bit of decoration. Gracefully weave a handsome necktie or lovely scarf with the ribbon. Tie an additional gift item to the bow, like a sparkling piece of jewelry or a festive holiday ornament. If you’re crafty, here’s the place to show off your skills. Just top the present with whatever inspires you and complements the gift.


To recap, our gift wrapping ideas and tips include selecting a package theme, tying a professional-looking bow and choosing personalized gifts and present toppers. Follow these tips and you’ll add to the sense of celebration and have fun putting it all together.


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