How to Make a Breakfast Board
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How to Make a Breakfast Board

breakfast board with pancakes and scones
This breakfast board comes from Jessica of How Sweet Eats. Gather the family and get ready to enjoy a weekend brunch spread full of pancakes, seasonal fruit, scones, and more!

A breakfast board is the perfect way to enjoy brunch together on a weekend morning. Gather your family, invite over a friend, or surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed!

Delicious pancakes and scones made from Harry & David baking mixes are the heart of this brunch board. The pancakes you can serve with syrup or fresh whipped cream, or you could add blueberries or chocolate chips to the batter for a personal touch. The scone mix makes the perfect base for classic scones topped with peach or raspberry preserves. You can also split them open and cover them with fresh strawberries for mini scone shortcakes!

breakfast board with pancakes
Yogurt, fresh fruit, and mini donuts all make great additions to fill out the rest of the board. Use your favorite fruit––whatever is fresh that season is perfect. And you don’t want to forget are the fun toppings! Honey, jam, syrup, and peanut butter all go great on the scones and pancakes. Trail mix and the fresh fruit make tasty mixers for the yogurt.

Harry & David syrup poured onto breakfast board
Serve this delicious brunch board with our favorite coffee, or gather a few friends and serve it alongside this peach bellini for a fun summer brunch.

Breakfast Board with Pancakes and Scones

brunch board

Breakfast Board

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  • 1 bag Harry & David scone mix
  • 1 bag Harry & David old fashioned pancake mix
  • 1 box Harry & David strawberries
  • 1 jar Harry & David Oregold peach preserves
  • 1 jar Harry & David raspberry preserves
  • 1 bag Harry & David Crater Lake Crunch trail mix
  • 1 dozen Harry & David chocolate-dipped donuts
  • Harry & David sweet clover honey
  • Harry & David maple syrup
  • Greek yogurt
  • An assortment of your favorite fruit, such as berries, cantaloupe, and banana



Prepare the scones and pancakes according to the directions on the bags. These will be the focal point of your board, so place them in opposite corners.


Place the yogurt in a serving bowl, and the preserves and trail mix in smaller bowls. Mix up your serving bowls in different sizes, shapes, and colors for visual interest. Set them on the board as well.


Add your fruit last, so it stays fresh! Scatter your berries and fruit around the board to fill empty spaces.


Pour the maple syrup in a jar or small pitcher for serving.


There's no right way to set up the board--have everything out so it's easy for people to grab!

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