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They’re beautiful, all lined up and snuggled tight in their box. You see similar ones almost every time you visit the produce section. But never like this. Perfectly sun-kissed, with flawless skin and exceptional size. When you open a box of Harry & David® Royal Riviera® Pears, you know you’ve opened something extraordinary. Something so great, it’s wrapped in gold.

Royal Riviera® Pears

The gold foil lets you know you're about to enjoy something amazing.

It started back in 1934 when brothers Harry and David turned their world famous Royal Rivera® Pears into the perfect holiday gift. They had started the business by supplying first class European hotels and entrepreneurs with their exceptional fruit. But when they began offering the pears as holiday gifts back home, they knew an extra touch would convey the decadence of this rare variety of pear. So in each box, one pear was wrapped in shining gold foil, turning what may seem like a beautiful pear at first glance into a treat fit for a king.

Harry & David® Royal Rivera® Pears quickly became a tradition for American families. But even though the pears were sweet, juicy and better than anyone else’s, it was that one gold pear that created a celebration in every household.

Some people always eat it first, and some always save it for last. Ask around and you’ll hear that it’s the best tasting pear in the box or that it will bring good luck to whoever opens and eats it. Over the years, we’ve heard every tradition you can imagine. One woman sent us a letter that fondly described her childhood Christmases when her grandpa would give each kid a gold wrapped pear with a crisp ten-dollar bill.


Carrying on an 80 year tradition, Royal Riviera Pears from Harry & David arrive wrapped in gold.

For 80 years we’ve wrapped the pears in gold and delivered a special moment to families across the country. It’s one of our founders’ traditions we love most. And we think they’d be happy to know it’s alive and well all these years later.

Do you and your family have a tradition around our gold pears? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.