A little DIY can go a long way toward creating a fun and relaxing family evening, entertaining the kids, or adding a homemade touch to your holiday celebrations! In our series Arts, Crafts, & Cookies, get ready to grab your favorite snacks and get to crafting with printable coloring pages, gift tags, greeting cards, and more. These Hanukkah coloring pages and cards are great DIY crafts for the whole family to enjoy throughout the Festival of Lights. Color in a Menorah and the Star of David, or send a family member a Hanukkah card.

All holiday celebrations are better with crafts, especially when they’re ones the whole family can enjoy! A little DIY can go a long way when the colder weather keeps us inside in December. Of course, traditional Hanukkah treats like latke can make a difference as well! But when you need a break from cooking, want to entertain the kids, or are looking for a way to connect with long-distance family members by sending something homemade, printable Hanukkah crafts are an easy solution.

Hanukkah Coloring Pages

Hanukkah coloring sheet

One activity that’s sure to bring all the generations together? Coloring! Young or old, coloring in Menorahs and the Star of David can make for relaxing family down-time. These coloring pages are also a great way to entertain the kids while you’re cooking or shopping for Hanukkah gifts!

Download Hanukkah coloring pages

Hanukkah Cards

hanukkah card

If you can’t celebrate with a family member in person, you can still brighten their Festival of Light with a homemade Hanukkah card. One of these cards is ready for a heartfelt message as soon as it’s printed, but the others have space for kids to color in. Maybe the family can write a card for someone new on each of the 8 days of celebration!

Download Hanukkah cards

However you celebrate, the important part is to stay connected to your loved ones throughout the holiday season. Setting aside some family craft time or writing a card to grandma is a great way to stay connected to those both near and far. Hanukkah Sameach!

Download all Hanukkah printables


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