Once upon a time, about 80 years ago, there were two brothers named Harry and David. They were in the business of gourmet gifts, and they knew a lot of people really, really loved fruitcake during the holidays. They also knew a lot of people really didn’t like fruitcake. So they thought to themselves, “Gee, we should come up with a fruitcake everyone likes.” And they did. Our Fruitcake Confection is less of a cake and more of a chewy, gooey mix of nuts and large chunks of dried fruit. It’s really tasty. Even the people who don’t like fruitcake agree.

Fruitcake Confection from Harry & David
Take one bite of our Fruitcake Confection. You’ll be glad you gave fruitcake a chance.

Some years later, Harry and David were on a roll creating tons of delicious treats in their bakery, and they thought to themselves, “You know, we should really make a traditional fruitcake for all those folks who look forward to it every holiday.” So they took their recipe for the Fruitcake Confection and added the cake part back in. With lots of spices and chopped up nuts, they had a hit on their hands. And soon they were including their Traditional Fruitcake in all their Christmas gift baskets.

Fruicake from Harry & David
Our bakers have been making this fruitcake for over 40 years. They make it better than any machine ever could.

Now here we are all these years later with the same two amazing renditions of fruitcake. But we thought to ourselves, “Gosh, what would Harry and David think if we didn’t follow in their footsteps and come up with another great way to make fruitcake?” It didn’t take long to think of putting pears on top. And to really jazz things up, we cook the pears with butter, brown sugar and bits of crystallized ginger. The cake recipe still has all the best spices, but we swapped out some of the regular nuts and fruit for toasted hazelnuts and dried Bing cherries. So far our Pear Fruitcake has been a hit for fruitcake lovers and haters alike. It’s good to know we’re living up to the legacy of our founders.


At Harry & David, we deliver expertly crafted delight.

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