What is a Royal Riviera Pear? It’s a question that is not asked often here at Harry & David. To all of us who work here, and to our customers, it’s a legendary fruit! However, not everyone knows the story of how these delicious Comice pears became so famous.

From France to Southern Oregon
Royal Riviera Pear Orchard

Royal Riviera Pears are a special type of Comice pear, and so much more. First identified in France, in 1856, these exquisite pears became known for their succulent, buttery, and exceptionally sweet characteristics. A favorite of royalty, this rare fruit was served in only the finest European restaurants and earned the nickname “The Fruit of Kings.”

This Comice pear varietal is known for being difficult to grow. There are only a few regions in the world that have just the right climate and soil combination to produce this incredible fruit. Luckily for us, one of those places is Medford, Oregon. In 1897, these pears were introduced to Southern Oregon’s Rogue River Valley, and to everyone’s delight, they thrived.

“So Big and Juicy, You Eat Them with a Spoon®.”
Royal Riviera Pears

In 1934, brothers Harry and David had just a few orchards, but were passionate about their pears and wanted to share them with others. Soon, this incredible fruit was making its way from Harry & David to the East coast, with more and more people wondering, what kind of pear is a Royal Riviera Pear? It wasn’t long before word spread that these special Comice pears were “So big and juicy, you eat them with a spoon®.”

From Branch to Basket

What Kind of Pear is a Royal Riviera
Today, Harry & David owns and farms over 2,000 acres of these exceptional Comice pear trees in the Rogue Valley. Royal Riviera® Pears are harvested in the fall and are a holiday tradition for countless families, friends, coworkers, and colleagues. And now when people ask “what kind of pear is a Royal Riviera® Pear?” they don’t think of them as simply a pear because they are so much more.

So, what is a Royal Riviera Pear? It’s more than just the fruit Harry & David is famous for. It’s a sweet tradition. It’s a delicious way to celebrate. It’s what we’re proud to share with others.

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